Criteria to Evaluate for Software Creation Providers

If you take your time to evaluate possible providers of offshore software development services, the outcome will be favourable. Don’t take a risk by just hiring the first one you come across or the one with the lowest price. You need to learn who they are and what they offer. Find out how long they have been in business and what they have done for other businesses.


Spending time fully communicating with any offshore software development services is a good place to start. Investing time to talk with them via email and phone is a huge step forward. It allows you to get a feel for the company and their objectives. It also allows you to share your needs with them. You may never meet these individuals face to face but that doesn’t matter.

It is all about the relationship that is created. You don’t want to be just another business to them. Instead, you want them to fully embrace what you need completed. You want them to dive in and evaluate the challenges and find solutions. You want them to include you in decisions and share with you what they can create for your business to benefit from.

A lack of effective communication is going to create problems along the way. It is best to avoid working with any offshore software development services that don’t take this seriously. If you feel rushed, if you don’t feel like they listen, or if you just don’t feel a connection is being made you need to look for another provider.

Solution Oriented

Being flexible on your end is expected, but only to a point. They are working for you, so don’t be the only one compromising. If you need something specific done, stand firm with it. Sure, they may be the expert and they can share information with you. They may recommend a better option than you thought of because they know this industry inside out.

However, if you don’t like what they share with you, the final decision should be yours. They should be solution oriented every step of the way. They also need to be respectful of the boundaries you have set in place for your business. If they give you an estimated completion date, they need to do all they can to adhere to it.

Progress Updates

Once you hire someone to complete offshore software development services, you need to know you will be kept in the loop. What is the process for regular progress updates? You don’t want to just assume everything is on track along the way. They should be willing to send you progress reports along the way.

Setting up meetings at regular intervals can be a great way to stay on top of it. Should you have any issues between meetings, you should be able to reach out to them for additional support and assistance. If they have anything holding back the progress of the project, they should be letting you know immediately.

Hiring Process

Once you pick a provider for offshore software development services, make sure you understand their hiring process. It may be different from what you are used to in your own country. It is important to agree to that process only if it works well for you. It needs to be consistent with what they told you early on in the communication process.

All of the details of the offshore software development services they will provide need to be put into writing. The contract needs to be signed by all parties before any work begins. Avoid paying in full at the start of the project too. You may agree to pay in intervals as you see progress on the project.

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Free Software – Or Maybe Not?

So, I finally decided to splash out on some new Movie Maker or Video Editing software. Like most people probably would I opted to do a spot of research before I committed. I would rather have good free software if I can get it but I am also prepared to pay for it if required.

Anyone having gone through this painful exercise before will appreciate how time consuming it is. Firstly you have to beware of all those helpful folk who creatively explain how wonderful this or that software is – usually under a title such as “Top Free Video Editors” or “Best Free Movie Editing Programs” or similar enticing titles which ultimately end up with a bias write up and a referral link to the provider through their commission account URL.

Sometimes it becomes quite clear that the writer has not even bothered to download and use the software. When they have used the software the bias is often always towards their best commission provider. This does not bother me too much.

What does bother me is the blatant advertising of products under the banner of “Free Software” which you either have to download to find that half the features do not work unless you opt for the full upgrade or when they imply “Free” they were referring to the 30 day trial.

Suffice to say that we all end up downloading tons of useless software only to have to uninstall it all again. I have made a conscious decision to no longer look at the free software unless it comes by recommendation. It simply is not worth all the trouble, deceit and broken promises.

Seriously, life is too short. If you want something then go straight to the branded products where the price is clearly stated, the support outlined in writing, and if anything is dubious then move on to the next big player. At least the branded goods have reputations they can ill afford to lose if they get things wrong.

We have all spent hours struggling with this install or that install which for one reason or another refuses to do what it is supposed to do. Our computers are all configured differently and we have a variety of programs of which any one could be causing a conflict with the new install. This is accepted. This is the norm.

However, when you are stuck, and you have reached the point where your PC is about to become airborne, you will think about contacting support and you will want that support to be there when you call.

Common Challenges In Mobile Testing Services

Mobile devices are growing in popularity at an indescribable rate. Nearly every individual has a smart phone, tablet or another mobile device; even household appliances are not immune to this growing market. The prevalence of mobile devices and applications means that software testing is even more essential. Like with any sort of endeavor, there are bound to be challenges in mobile testing. Below is a list of the 7 most common obstacles organizations and QA engineers face in testing mobile devices and applications.

Diverse devices, configurations and OS

Perhaps the most prevalent challenge with mobile testing services is the devices itself. There are numerous kinds of mobile devices, such as iPods, iPads, Android and Windows devices. There are also many different configurations and operating systems for each of these devices. QA engineers and developers have to make sure your application can function correctly across the vast number of devices and configurations.

Different types of apps

On top of seeing if an app will work across devices, carriers and OS, testers need to be aware of the different kinds of applications. QA engineers must consider particular requirements of native apps, web apps and hybrid apps.

Variety of screen sizes

Another obstacle that QA testers face is the difference in screen sizes. An application may work well on an iPad and the screen will show everything that is intended to be shown, but that application may not work as well on smaller screens.

Multiple carriers and connection types

Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T are just a few of the carriers that mobile testers need to consider. Not all carriers will have the same network standards, amount of data or coverage. Also, QA engineers need to consider the various connection types as well. How will an app work using a 3G network as compared to a 4G network? How about over Wi-Fi? How will the app work in airplane mode or if there’s no connection? Even though carrier testing is not that important any more, bandwidth and connectivity are all questions that QA engineers have to consider as they test your mobile application.


Another obstacle that mobile testers face is internationalization. Translating applications into other languages can prove difficult. This is especially true if the language reads right to left, such as Arabic and Hebrew, instead of left to right, such as English and Spanish.

Lack of time or tools

Some organizations simply may not have the time to thoroughly test their application. They also may not have the tools needed to properly test their application. These two obstacles could cause the application to be released into the market without adequate testing, which could result in dissatisfied customers and a loss in profit.

Inexperienced testers

Sometimes an organization’s QA team simply doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to test their application. Also, an organization might have their developers testing their application instead of QA engineers. Having developers test as well may seem like it will save money, however, that is not the case. The application will lose quality because developers are not trained to look at an app in the same way testers are. Testers are willing to “break” an application in order to ensure that the finished application is of the utmost quality. Developers, understandably, may not wish to “break” their creation. This could result in critical errors appearing later on.

How can one get past these challenges?

  • Hire a QA provider

One way to conquer these hurdles is to hire a software testing company that offers mobile testing. An efficient testing company will already have the tools you need to test your application. If your QA provider tests offshore, you will save valuable time as the QA engineers will test when your day has ended. The best mobile testing services providers will have ways to overcome these common obstacles.

  • Have a testing lab

Efficient mobile testing partners will have a cutting-edge lab dedicated to mobile testing. This lab will contain numerous devices and multiple configurations of these devices so your application is tested thoroughly. This will also help with testing across different screen sizes and operating systems.

  • Have experienced engineers

These companies will have highly trained engineers with years of experience in testing and expertise in a wide variety of testing tools. These skilled engineers would have been trained in the latest methods of testing and they will be determined to find bugs in your application early on, so your developers will have more time to fix the bugs and ensure your application is of the best quality.

Upgrade Productivity With Microsoft Office Training

Pretty much, everyone, who is fit for using PCs, knows how to make utilization of Microsoft Office Products. Despite this, a modest bunch of them can announce to be certified experts in making usage of this product. People, who start the proficient instructing course of this noteworthy programming, can build their execution significantly. People, who are learners, tend to set aside a more drawn out opportunity to embrace the assignments. Thus, a successful route for any officials is to build adequacy of Microsoft Office utility.

Change in Performance:

Microsoft Office projects are frequently utilized. Many people imagine that Microsoft Office training 2016 can add minor advantages as far as anyone is concerned. Truly, this training is not just about knowing computer in alternate ways, but the experts ensured that the trainees could change the whole skill of utilizing Office applications. Customization connected with these applications can cut times by half.

As Microsoft’s items are used in every business for various needs, capability in utilizing these applications will monitor time. This will regularly bring about money related advantages for the business.

How to Determine Employees’ Skill Level?

Microsoft affirms that the clients are uninformed of the standard of capacity. A customary review showed that individuals considered the elements of MS Office to be humble and utilized it as a fundamental word processor. Similarly MS Excel, regardless of the way that in actuality unfathomably is capable programming, is thought to be a digital processor. MS Excel can be used as the social program, and various spreadsheets can be consolidated together.

Most entrepreneurs would find that their faculty are not accomplishing the full ability of Office applications but running just a segment of the application’s elements, and Microsoft Office training 2016 will help you to show you methods for expanding capability.

Sorts of Training Methods:

There are a few ways, to perform the training processes. For enterprises, the likelihood is much bigger since training instructors will offer tweaked programs for an organizations’ prerequisites and spending constraints. Microsoft Office training 2016 might be performed either in-house, through online sight and sound or request workers to partake in classes at the learning establishment. There are focal points for every approach and are laid out along these lines.

More often than not, in-house and e-learning or web-based preparing are supported by entrepreneurs to convey Microsoft Office preparing to their staff, for the reason that both methodologies are less lumbering. An in-house course can be completed by an ensured or equipped instructor and includes the advantage of face to face addresses. Besides, laborers get an opportunity to make request furthermore go in light of their pace. An e-learning preparing system is a more reasonable option more often than not, and staff individuals have the decision of profiting it from their office or the solace of their home in their extra time. This puts less weight on their work stack, however, takes longer and won’t be in the same class as a live presentation.

Obtaining Customised Software for Your Specific Needs

There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to software for a given business. It is important for it to be very specific to fulfil your needs. Bespoke application development allows you to get what you need easily. There is no reason to settle for a program that doesn’t do what you need it to or that has features you will never allocate.

Assess your Needs

The first step is to carefully assess your needs. What do you wish you could get done to save time and to make your business more efficient? Talk to your employees as they may have input you haven’t thought about. They are working with your system every day so they will have valuable information to contribute.

Think about problems and what could be implemented with bespoke application development to resolve them. Think about bottleneck issues and if there is a way they could be eliminated with updated software put in place. Don’t worry; you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You can hire a provider to go through all of the details with you.

Share your information with them and allow them to access your current system. They can use their expertise relating to bespoke application development to come up with a customised plan of action to get results. They should go over that plan with you in detail in order to explain what they can offer.

If you like what they share with you, get it in motion. Discuss the cost, the timeframe, and other pertinent details. By doing so, you will be well on your way to having something to aid your business with completing specific objectives.

You can Afford it

The cost of bespoke application development shouldn’t be what is holding you back. This is too important not to make it a priority for your business. Without it, you are actually going to be wasting money. Change your mindset to make this a wise investment to save money every single month within your business.

Such services are less expensive than most business owners realise. It certainly doesn’t hurt to get some free estimates and to discuss options through free consultations. Doing so will help you to get the most from the right provider for your particular needs. There are options to fit just about any business budget. With this in mind, stop putting it on the back burner.

Start looking around so you can get the best updates in motion right now. Once you do, you will wonder what you ever did without them! It is never too late to get your business up to speed with technology available.

Changes Over Time

The software you have in place can become obsolete over time. This can be due to a variety of factors. For example, you may introduce new products or services. Technology may offer more efficient ways of completing certain tasks. Just because you have been doing something a certain way doesn’t mean it will always be the best option.

With bespoke application development, you don’t have to allow these changes to be something you resent or feel intimidated by. Instead, you can fully embrace them and be positive about what they offer. Your business will be professional, functional, and you can reduce time as well as money being wasted.

With the right provider, you will have someone you can always turn to when you need to make changes. You can even schedule a consultation with them annually to review your bespoke application development needs. There may be small changes they encourage now and then. At other times, they may offer you the chance to make some giant steps forward.